I grew up always chasing my dreams and pursuing what made me curious. Playing the drums in bands with friends is where it started for me. I discovered my passion for art and design when I was promoting my band in high school. We had no budget for self-promotion, posters, flyers or merchandise. The hand crafted DIY mentality of making something your own, to share with people, connect with and inspire them, became an absolute obsession. Old toys, movies, stories, ads, packaging, and comics influence my work. I love hiking through the mountains or desert as much as I do walking around the city to absorb creative energy and inspiration. My process combines illustration, hand lettering, photography, painting, and digital design.


Out there, beyond where most of us only dream, there is an adventurous gentleman. His journeys take him across the far reaches of this planet, where he has found significant success, forever seeking out and collecting the rarest and most extraordinary of all treasures. As it happened, on this day, his passion lead him to a taste of something truly as unique and rare as he — the Blue Moon Belgian White. With such a rich and exquisite nature, the first drop was liquid gold. This was the culmination of his life’s well-crafted travel, worth every single step. A beer so good, it only comes “once in a blue moon.” He had to share this finding with the world.


To celebrate Blue Moon's 20th Anniversary, this gentleman hoists a glass of the treasured brew garnished with an orange wedge up to the blue moon shining above him. The patches on his garments show pride for his adventures and discoveries across the world. His newest patch displays a "20"-- to celebrate the twenty years of exploration. The depiction of this treasure hunter was inspired by Keith Villa, the founder of Blue Moon Brewing Company. Keith traveled to Belgium to study the art of brewing and became inspired by his surroundings and experiences to make a beer that was one-of-a-kind.


The color palette consists mostly of tints and shades of blue with splashes of some complementary accent colors. This piece was executed as an ink drawing, then digitally painted, colored, and texturized in a screen print style. The dimensions of the illustration are 20'x20' to tribute the 20th Anniversary of Blue Moon Brewing Company"